Outstanding movie quality ...

  • for your products - from the original negatives to the digital mastertape as DVD, BluRay or Broadcast masters in PAL or HD-TV
  • PAL and HD Broadcast-Mastering according to the guidelines of the TV-broadcasters
  • color timing, reformatting and HighResolution filmscanning (HD / 2K / 4K)
  • digital film restoration
  • mastering in data, on tape or laser recording onto 35mm-filmmaterial

C-Reality-Suite | FilmScanning, Color Correction | © ALPHA-OMEGA, 2008

We scan films ...

35mm and 16mm formats and special gauges (e.g. 17,5mm), original-negatives, nitrate, tinted and stencil painted films, shrunk, broken or torn material with WetGate (liquid transfer)

  • in HD-resolution (1920×1080)
  • in 2K full frame (2048×1536)
  • in 4K full frame (4096×3072)
  • PAL / SD
Scanning of tinted nitrate original, 1923 | © ALPHA-OMEGA, 2008

... and master them to:

Verification prior to scanning | © ALPHA-OMEGA, 2008
HDCAM and HDCAM-SR, HDD and laser recorded 35mm negativ Digital Betacam
We check and reformat your existing soundtracks and synchronize them as part of our full-service.

Dust, dirt, scratches ...

will be removed through selective filtering of the digital images, and manually performed image restoration

Breaks and old repairs …

will be carefully scanned, to regain the quality of the original without further damage

Restoration software RETT MASTER | © ALPHA-OMEGA, 2008

The result ...

„The sleeping Beauty“ 1907 | © ALPHA-OMEGA, 2008
is – at its best – a precise digital copy of the film as it looked originally, before the ravages of time and wear and tear left their marks.